Vegan leek soup

There isn’t much to tell about leek soup. Or is there? You might not know, that leek soup doesn’t only contain leek. It consists of much more. So, here is the recipe for a nice vegan leek soup! Enjoy!

Split pea soup

It is considered a typical Dutch recipe. In Dutch there is even a name for this soup: Snert. The literal translation of the word “snert” is junk. The soup is that however is no junk (food). The split pea soup, wich snert actually is, dates back the antiquity.

Let’s go wild with this ‘chicken’ broth

Eating a chicken is not associated with vegans or vegetarians. There is good news for all: the chickens mentioned in this soup are not animals. It would be a strange thing to see a recipe on a website for vegans and vegetarians that includes an animal ingredient. So, let’s go wild with this ‘chicken’ broth.

A fresh carrot soup

In my search to present soups that are special, I came across the recipe for a carrot soup. A fresh and healthy soup, with a sweet bite of orange and lemons. The recipe is based on four persons. You can change the number of people and the ingredients will be matched for this fresh carrot